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My journey into family photography


i define family as
love, compassion, and togetherness.

- samantha jay moore

I would describe myself as a wife, mama, artist and storyteller.  All of these varying roles are an eclectic mix that make me who I am today.  What started as a passion for capturing couples in love has grown into a beautiful new venture.  Read more about my journey into family photography.




about me

Motherhood is always something I knew I wanted. I come from a big family and loved being surrounded by my siblings and parents. After Patrick and I got married, we found that starting our family didn’t come as easily as we would have thought. After a loss, we took a trip to Paris to reset and focus on each other. Soon after returning back to the states we found that we were expecting our rainbow baby, the sweet Maxine.  22 months after that our incredible Henry arrived!




our family story

Stepping into Lifestyle Family Sessions has been the next natural step for my business that I have been dreaming about for years. I really see this as my love of weddings and documenting love stories growing and evolving. So many of my past couples are starting their families and growing with them to capture these special moments has truly been such a joy.  After welcoming Maxine and Henry, it felt as though Patrick and I had this beautiful blossoming of our relationship. No longer was it just about Patrick and I but about the family we were creating and the love that was multiplying.  I want to preserve beautiful and real memories for our children.




why lifestyle family

My Babies

Watching Maxine & Henry grow and learn each day fills me up. Each passing day we get more of their silliness and exponential amounts of joy. Patrick has said many times since they were born: “The days are long but the years are short”. We really use this as a reminder to soak in every moment as a family.


Seeing Patrick become a father, learning together, falling more and more in love with parenthood every single day and navigating growing our family together has shown me the importance of our story. We take time to connect on that frequently and I want to make sure that our kids have tons of memories to look back on.


My background is in Journalism and Theater- while this may seem like a strange path to photography, it totally makes sense to me. These two perfectly combine my love of storytelling by allowing me to document the most important moments in people’s lives. I want to tell your family story through beautiful, moving imagery. 


I am someone who is super moved by nostalgia.  I grew up as 1 of 4 kids and telling stories around the dinner table was always a highlight of our days.  Images are a beautiful way to preserve these memories and enhance the stories we tell about our family.  These images should live in our homes to be passed down to future generations.


Our home tucked into the Pennsylvania woods and the entire wall of windows in our living room is what sold me on this little cottage. We love nature walks as a family, unplugging and finding simpler ways to connect.

my heart is full because of...